Client Success

  • “There’s a certain DNA you look for in consulting and Jeff knows that programming.”
    Partner, Big 4 Consulting Firm
  • "BlueSky was the most productive vendor last year in the FSO. By my rough calculations BlueSky produced twice as many FTE hires then the next vendor in line.”
    Assistant Recruiting Director, Big 4 Consulting Firm
  • “I would like to add that Jeff and Nik have been the best external vendors I have ever worked with in the recruiting industry. This is quite a feat as I have worked with numerous vendors covering all different areas of discipline and a few very good ones.”
    Assistant Recruiting Director, Big 4 Consulting Firm
  • “BlueSky speaks our language.”
    Big 4 Consulting Firm

Candidate Success

  • “I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your assistance in this move. You had reached out to me on Linkedin almost a year back and who would have thought I would have made it this far! Placement firms are a dime and dozen but your prior background in Consulting definitely sets you apart from the rest!”
    Candidate for Senior Consultant role at Big 4 Consulting Firm
  • “I appreciate you helping me out. You were one of the best recruiters that has ever approached me. Hope all is well and good luck in supplying the tech workforce with talented individuals!”
    Candidate for Database Administrator role at Global Financial Services Company
  • “The professionalism I experienced was unparalleled and refreshing. I wanted to thank you again for helping me through the process.”
    Candidate for Web Developer role at Global Financial Services Company
  • “Of all the recruiters I have spoken with, you have been the best! Not only were you very professional you were able to figure out my skill set and determine where I would be a good fit more accurately.”
    Candidate for Healthcare Technology Manager role at Big 4