Being a Team Player, I use my skills for increasing the industrial productivity and contribute my support to the growth of the organization. I can coordinate with my team members in creating an active work environment.



  • I have completed my Bachelor Mechanical Degree with the grade 3.0 in Northern Illinois University, Chicago. (2008-2012)
  • I have completed my Diploma in Maintenance Technician, Connecticut High School Of Technician, London and get certified as Technician from the Technician Certification Board, Texas. (2005-2008)


Working Experience


I started my career as a junior tools analyst in the Goom Industries, Boston.


  • I have responsibilities to make a good product without any defective when handing over the product to the customers.
  • I give the full support to my technical department for making the right proportion of tools.
  • Tools are consistently changing by every year. So, I have been using many of the best hand tool brands since 2013.
  • I performed many training programs which are held by the company and then I carry over the work such as testing the machinery equipment, innovation, quality control and other manual processing within my allotted time.


Extra-Curricular Activities

  • I have elected as the Student Secretary of Northern Illinois University because of having robust leadership capability.
  • I am conducting the many events by the support of my teammates when I’m a Student Union.
  • I got many awards in my college days. One of the best in my life as winning the art competition in the intercollegiate function.



  • Operating the best hand and power tools
  • Carpentry and Plumbing
  • Circuit and Wiring
  • Fine tools measurement proficiency
  • Motivated
  • Fluent in French
  • Reliable



  • I love to play Cricket, Football, Tennis, and Hockey. I sold many drawings in the category such as oil painting, portrait, and canvas painting by using my skills.
  • I maintain my home and kitchen garden by using the smart tools in my spare time. I’m having much experience in the tools industry so that I can select the right tools for my work.


Personal Details

Name: Brian J Brisco

DOB: 09/08/1986

City/State: San Francisco, California

Address For Communication: 45695 Beer Green

Contact Number: +1 555 669 7612



I at this moment declare that all the above information are correct to my knowledge and belief. I prove myself as a strong competitor when you are giving an opportunity to me.


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