In school and in the world we are taught that business is mainly about money…profit, income, costs, ‘making it’. At a very superficial level this is true. Business as an activity is simply the exchange of goods and services, and the value of those goods and services is measured by a medium of exchange we call ‘money’.

However at a deeper level business is fundamentally a social enterprise. When we conduct business we connect to one another, communicate what we want, then agree on how we can help each other achieve what we are trying to do. Business is an inherently cooperative and connective enterprise.

Given this, the focus on money is putting the cart before the horse. If we want to make money we must create value. In order to create value we must know others deeply and get them to trust us. And to create trust we must first care about others and connect to them…which is simply a form of love. In reality, then, business is about loving each other and being of service in a way that shows that love.

When you connect to a person in this way money flows naturally. People want to give money to those they love and care about. If we focus only on the money then ‘business’ becomes a sterile exchange between uncaring individuals. This creates the constant need for lawyers…there is no trust in the interactions.

Sales, then, is simply connecting to others, building trust, and being of service in the best way we can. When we do this openly and with love we create a conduit through which money passes. in my experience both selling and in training salespeople the highest performers are those that really care about their customers, not those who are trying simply to hit their numbers.

Look at your ‘business’…how do you experience what you do? Are you of service, or are you simply focused on the numbers? Do you really care? If you can find the place inside of you where you DO care, you will see that others will care about you as well…and money will flow easily.

-KC Hildreth