Sometimes we find ourselves in situations not to our liking. This is just a fact of life. Yet in every one of these situations we have a choice. Sometimes the choice allows us to exit the situation, but when we can’t we can always choose our response to what is happening.

When we choose to be loving in the face of anger, mean-ness, fear, or provocation, we choose a higher path for ourselves. We bring light to darkness. When we choose to match anger with anger, or mean-ness with mean-ness, we lower ourselves into the darkness. We create more darkness.

This is the power of choice, and in every moment of every day we all have this ability to select our path forward. So the next time you feel like a victim of circumstance, or don’t like what is happening, ask yourself: What are my choices? Simply by doing this you gain dominion over your circumstances and move into the freedom that is your birthright.

-KC Hildreth