I have sent this quote before, but I like it so much I am sending it again. When we commit to a course of action we send energy outward and forward in a directed way. This energy opens a pathway to what we are trying to create. I like to think of commitment as intention + action.

What do you want from your life that is so meaningful to you that you are willing to commit – right now – to the effort of achieving it? Regardless of whether or not you achieve the object of your desires, the sheer act of committing to something purposeful changes the very fabric of the universe.

Find something that you love and that your heart desires and commit…your life will change the moment that you do!

Until one is committed,
there is hesitancy
The chance to draw back.
Always ineffectiveness .
Concerning all acts of initiative
there is one elementary truth,
the ignorance of which kills
countless ideas and splendid plans;
The moment one definitely commits oneself
then Providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one
that would otherwise never occur.
A whole stream of events
issues from the decision,
raising in ones favor
all manner of incidents and meetings
and material assistance
which no person would have had come their way.
Whatever you think you can do
or believe you can do,
begin it now.
Action has magic, grace and power in it.


-KC Hildreth