When working with clients who are employees inside of a company, I often hear them ask ‘I am not really in a leadership position in the company, so why develop my leadership ability?’  That question, I tell them, is the reason they are not in a leadership position in the company!

The truth is that everyone has a leadership role in this world.  Every day we lead at least one person (ourselves) and sometimes more (our family, friends, colleagues and even bosses).  We lead through our actions.  People see what we do and, because everything in this world is interconnected, take something away from each encounter.  Whether we believe it or not, we are leading each time we speak to another human being.

Participating in mentorship programs for at-risk kids taught me that children do not listen to what we say so much as watch what we do.  They emulate us through observation, even if we don’t know them very well.  Every action you take in this world is observed by somebody.  You lead in ways you may not even notice!

The question, then, is what kind of leader do you want to be?  What is your natural ‘leadership style’?  I urge my clients to find leaders in the world they respect, and then identify why they feel strongly about those people.  If you see a strong leadership trait in another, you likely have that same trait inside of you.

Your leadership style is natural, powerful and entirely unique.  Become conscious of the way you lead in the world.  Seek to develop yourself as a leader.  Once you do, you will likely find yourself offered ‘leadership positions’ that match your unique style.  You already lead your life in so many ways, so why not do it consciously?

-KC Hildreth


About the Author

We are fortunate to have an affiliation with entrepreneur, author, professional coach and all-around great guy, KC Hildreth. KC’s philosophy is to learn, experience and improve a little bit everyday. Over 25 years, this has resulted in a diverse and successful background. To learn more about KC’s work, visit his website at www.kchildreth.com.