Gratitude is that act of saying ‘thank you’ for what we have. When we are thankful we accept, and when we accept we open ourselves to larger possibilities. This is especially true when we are feeling negative emotions such as anger or hurt. When we are thankful for our emotions, even those that are negative or painful, we transcend the moment and see the larger picture. We become receptive to the idea that perhaps this negativity is serving a larger purpose and might even be a gateway to greater joy.

Gratitude and thanks can also be offered before receiving something. Psychologically this allows us to let go of any resistance to accepting what we want. For example, if you grew up with a belief that you do not deserve wealth, or that money is ‘hard to get’, you can release these beliefs by being thankful for the money that you are currently receiving and will be receiving in the future. In this way you open yourself to receiving…and remove and subconscious barriers to wealth creation.

Try it today! Identify something you want to bring into your life and then give thanks both for what you DO have and then for what you are ABOUT TO RECEIVE. If you can do this every day you will be pleasantly surprised by the people and things that ‘magically’ appear!

-KC Hildreth