You have an impact on the world, and it is much more powerful than you might think. Two facts make this true:

1. Every person on the planet is deeply and inextricably connected to every other person and thing. No person or object exists in isolation.
2. Every person on the planet is comprised of a powerful energy that, when focused, is capable of producing amazing things.

When you go about your day you are using your energy to affect the world. Every movement, action and expression has an impact that travels outward like waves in front of a boat. The size of your energy is like the size of a boat…the more energy you exert the higher the waves. This is true of every human being (and indeed every object), so if we extend the water metaphor there are billions of criss-crossing waves generating a ‘surface froth’ from all of the wave interference patterns. The lake is the reality you are experiencing.

Most of us act unconsciously and therefore cannot see the effect we are having. The waves we create seem random and purposeless. The key is to become AWARE of how we affect our world, and to CONSCIOUSLY create the reality we experience.

Notice your actions throughout this week. Do they tend to create love, peace, harmony and joy? Or do they create something else? What is your effect on the world? Can you choose what you want to create?

This is your power and your birthright! Make your ‘waves’ in a purposeful way!

-KC Hildreth