All of us have virtually unlimited potential. We can create forms, ideas, life, movements…so many things are possible when we choose to focus our energy in a particular direction.

Yet many of us do not choose to access the potential within. Why is this? What holds us back from living fully in a way that is meaningful and important?

What holds you back? How do you deny yourself? After all, this potential is the REAL YOU, not some ethereal concept outside yourself. Within you is the ability to create wondrous things…it exists. The only thing to do is choose to allow this to come forward in your life. In what ways do you avoid making this choice?

Some of us distract ourselves from ourselves through substances, entertainment, materialism, or attachment to the external world. Others of us live in a world of doubt and negativity. We all have some mechanism to avoid the fear of living fully and with dedication to something meaningful. Do you do this? Do you have a nagging feeling that there is something untapped in yourself?

Look for the ways in which you deny your own potential. Be gentle with yourself as you resolve to allow your own greatness. Take steps today to live into a larger version of YOU!

-KC Hildreth