When we have a clear intention around what we want to create or bring into our life, we are then invited to act on that intention. For some reason, however, many of us have come to believe that we must take a dramatic, large action in order to bring our intentions to fruition. This is not true, and proceeds from the assumption that we are alone in creating the world we want to experience.

In truth, everything in the universe is in a process of creation…we need merely to send the signal that we want to go in a particular direction and the material world begins to shift to meet us where we are sending our energy. Remember: Everything is connected. This means that very small actions cascade through the world, ultimately having an impact far beyond their original energy. This is ‘the butterfly effect’ whereby one small event can cause much larger events as it reverberates through the universe.

Small, purposeful and consistent actions have much more of an impact than one or two large and dramatic gestures. If you want to lose weight, try replacing small amounts of your normal diet with a little bit of healthy food…and do this just a little day by day. If you try to starve yourself or dramatically change your diet you will likely bounce right back to where you were within a month. If you want to sell more, simply make one more phone call each day…or perhaps try to be a bit more caring when you get on the phone…or see if you can listen for 5 minutes before speaking. If you do this over an entire year I can assure you that you will sell more! This is 250 or so more phone calls!

What small thing can you do today to move yourself forward? Can you spend 5 min a day doing something that is easy, purposeful, fun and sends the message to the world that you are serious? Think about this, then ACT! The world around you will respond!

-KC Hildreth