One of the most challenging things in my work is avoiding distractions.  I need to write, answer emails, talk to clients, and in-between somehow get everything else done…and yet I still find myself getting absorbed in random, unproductive activities.  Facebook, the great ‘time sink’, is just one example of the myriad distractions available to us in this modern age.

The key to avoiding distractions is, surprisingly, to apply ‘Zen’ principles to your work.  Zen is an ancient spiritual tradition that teaches absolute focus as the source of all true enlightenment.  If you apply your mind singularly to one thing at a time, then you become hyper present in all that you do.  As you become present, you see that each moment is timeless and full of potential.  Intense focus on each moment relaxes your mind and body, putting you in a ‘flow’ that feels wonderfully productive.

If you are washing dishes, wash them with total focus.  If you are writing an email, do so with total focus.  If you are relaxing, be completely present in your relaxation.  Moving from one thing to another is merely the obsessing of your overly active mind.  Train yourself to focus completely on each thing that you do and you will find yourself not only more productive, but also more relaxed and happy.

Try this today.  As you do your work, see if you can become completely absorbed in what you are doing…no matter how mundane.  Then notice how you feel.  You will see that distractions can be cured with so start your training today!

-KC Hildreth

About the Author

We are fortunate to have an affiliation with entrepreneur, author, professional coach and all-around great guy, KC Hildreth. KC’s philosophy is to learn, experience and improve a little bit everyday. Over 25 years, this has resulted in a diverse and successful background. To learn more about KC’s work, visit his website at You can also find a wealth of inspiring content in his blog and a collection of free resources and downloads that can help you get started on your own personal journey.