We are proud to highlight Christina Kahn, a BlueSky Search Executive, for her service at the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. Christina is a Patient & Family Advisor (PFA), as part of a team that looks for ‘ways to create the best experience for patients and their families’.
In 2016, Christina’s husband was in the ICU for over two weeks, and the support of everyone at Cedars-Sinai helped her through this difficult time.  This ultimately inspired her to get involved. As a Patient & Family Advisor, she is able to draw from her own experience and understanding to serve others. She listens, advocates and helps develop new ideas to improve care. One of her favorite ways to serve is by visiting patients with her dog Winston. Their compassionate interactions not only brighten the patients’ days but also foster a healing environment, demonstrating the profound impact of human-animal connections on emotional and physical well-being.
Thank you, Christina, for your service to not only BlueSky’s clients, but also to your local community!
Learn about the PFA program:  https://ceda.rs/3UkxquC