Hello everyone!

Today I was thinking a bit about connectedness, and how powerfully we are all intertwined in the world.  Literally everything we do, think or feel radiates outward and affects everyone and everything around us.

In your actions today, think about how you are connected to others.  Notice how seeing another person smile makes you feel.  Or smile at someone and watch their reaction.  Become aware that the sights, smells and sounds around you are affecting your very being.  When you smell a flower, you actually ingest particles of that flower.  The flower becomes a part of you.  Similarly, when you are kind to someone you transmit feelings to them that have an affect long after you are gone.

As you move through the world you affect it…and the world, in turn affects you.  In this we all have a responsibility to be as loving and kind as possible because we inevitably live in the world that results from our actions.  So ask yourself:  Am I creating a loving world…or something else?

Life itself depends on your answer…

– KC Hildreth