Everything in the universe is growing. Indeed, the entire universe itself started from a single point in time and space and has now ‘grown’ into a massively complex and interconnected entity.

Life started as a single cell, and now exists as a planet-wide system. A plant starts as a seed and ‘becomes’ what it was intended to be. YOU started as union of two into one, and are growing and becoming in every moment.

The difference between your growth and that of a plant is that you have CHOICE in the process. You can choose the direction and pace of your own growth. When you become aware of something you would like to heal, or see something you would like to become, you can consciously move in that direction. This is the beauty of consciousness and self-awareness.

You ARE growing. This is a fact. The question is: How do you choose to grow? In what areas of your life would you like to make positive change? In what direction do you choose to place your awareness? As you direct your mind, so do you direct yourself…

-KC Hildreth