Here at BlueSky, we have learned a lot of important lessons throughout our years in business. One of the most-valuable lessons that we like to pass on to our clients is the importance of finding just the right executive to fill each opening that they may have. While that might seem like an obvious lesson, it is one that has helped more than a few clients – and may help you as well.

A common mistake when handling executive staffing for technology is to assume that as long as a candidate meets the qualifications ‘on paper’, that they will be a good fit for the position. That simply isn’t true. Executive staffing for technology is about more than just having the right degree and experience – it is about fitting within the existing culture to make sure the company can move forward as a cohesive unit.

Selecting the right technology executive isn’t a simple process, but it can be a whole lot easier when you work with the experienced team here at BlueSky. We understand what the important elements are for any executive staffing for technology search, and we will deliver you candidates that are worthy of your consideration. Once you reach the point of interviewing your potential hires, remember the following five reasons that selecting the perfect person is of utmost importance –

1. Building a Culture

Even if your business is just a few months old, you have already built a culture that is important to success. Each business has one, and each one is unique. When you are selecting a new executive, it is crucial that they fit naturally into that culture. Without the right mix of personality and attitude, your new hire is unlikely to ever fully-integrate into the business.

2. Common Goals

Everyone wants to make money – that isn’t a goal worth discussing, because it is universal. Beyond that, what are the goals of each candidate in your executive staffing for technology search? Are they aligned with the goals of your business as a whole?

3. Unique Technology

There are some elements of technology that are common across the board, but all businesses implement those technologies in a specific and unique way. You need to ensure that the person you hire as a result of the executive staffing for technology process is able to use their experiences in a way that will match-up with what you are trying to accomplish.

4. Long-term Vision

All executive staffing for technology searches should include a serious discussion about the long-term vision of the candidate and what that means for your business. Some companies are okay with being a stepping-stone for up-and-coming executives, while others want people who plan on settling down into their job. Which one are you looking for?

5. Defeating the Competition

Rare is the company that gets to exist in the market without serious competition. Does the person you hire after your executive staffing for technology search is complete help you defeat the competition and rise to the top of the heap? If not, you need to rethink whether or not they are the right person for the job.