IT executive search firms will go to great lengths in order to find just the right talent for the job that you need to fill. BlueSky won’t rest until we are convinced that you have been presented with the best possible candidates for your open position. But what exactly are we looking for? And what should you be looking for when you start interviewing candidates? IT executive search firms can easily attract candidates with great resumes, but there is more to it than that. There are a number of other qualities – that don’t necessarily show up on a resume – which can mean the difference between an average IT executive and an amazing one.

To understand a little better what IT executive search firms are looking for, consider the following list of five elements that most – if not all – great IT executives will possess.

#1 – Competitive Drive

This is a big one. The hours and effort involved in performing the functions of a high-level executive are often extreme, so the competitive drive of the individual needs to match what is expected of them. Without the drive to accomplish great things, it is likely they will settle for ‘good enough’ instead of striving for excellence. Candidates with a sports background are often considered for this reason as they may have developed their competitive spirit through athletic endeavors.

#2 – Focus

Let’s be honest – the work that an IT department does on a regular basis isn’t always thrilling. There can be a lot of mundane, but important, work falling under the heading of IT, so an individual with consistent focus for their job is a valuable asset. IT executive search firms understand that focus is an important skill which doesn’t usually get listed on a resume.

#3 – Persistence

Challenges are inevitable in business, and that goes double for the work that is done by IT executives. Good IT executive search firms will track down candidates who have faced some adversity in their careers and came out on the other side to tell about it. You might be tempted to hire someone that has had smooth sailing so far in their career because it reflects good performance – but often it is the person who has been through some battles that you want on your side.

#4 – Team-first Attitude

Selfish executives are a great way for a company to go nowhere fast. One of the goals of the IT executive search firms that you use should be to find candidates who are honestly committed to the success of the business they work for. Some IT professionals will be qualified on paper, but may not have the drive deep down to do whatever it takes to see the company succeed.

Quality IT executive search firms such as BlueSky go beyond the education and accomplishments of potential candidates and think about the other elements that are going to be crucial to your success. If you are able to consider the four intangibles above during your interview process, you are more likely to wind up with a great fit for the role you need to fill within your organization.