For today’s thought I ask you to contemplate your own fulfillment.  What makes you ‘complete’ as a person?  What is ‘enough’?

Do you have the idea that a certain amount of money will make you happy or fulfilled?  Or perhaps having a child?  Or maybe getting married?  What does fulfillment mean you YOU?

For many of us the idea of fulfillment is like the finish-line of a race…only this finish line changes just when we approach the ‘end’.  We see that we are about to hit that milestone, to get that ‘thing’ that will make us happy, and then we find that the vague feeling of emptiness and desire  still exists in our hearts.

The truth is you are and have enough RIGHT NOW.  There is nothing more you need to become.  Yes, you can achieve and grow, but you can do this from a place of peace and joy rather than from a place of lack.  Simply by being alive in this moment you are good enough, have enough and worthy of everything beautiful.

You are fulfilled in this very moment!  Try to notice any thoughts that bring up a sense of lack… then let go of those thoughts in favor of the ‘fullness’ that is your natural state.    

-KC Hildreth