We are fortunate to have an affiliation with entrepreneur, author, professional coach and all-around great guy, KC Hildreth. Many of you follow our weekly posts on social media which often feature KC’s insightful thoughts and commentary and we wanted to take the opportunity to thank him for sharing his wisdom and introduce the man behind the words.

If you’ve read anything KC has written you know he is a man who is not content to skim the surface. “I’m an information omnivore. I’ve always been deeply curious about science, technology, philosophy and human psychology.” The early part of KC’s career was largely focused on building seven successful businesses. “One of the most important things you learn as an entrepreneur is that you can’t do it all yourself. Building a talented, motivated team is a key part of the success equation.” That’s something that we understand at BlueSky and it’s one of the many reasons why we value KC’s insights.

In 2007 KC experienced a dramatic change in his life that would have a profound impact on his journey. “I realized that I was looking for something deeper, something more meaningful from my personal and professional life.” He turned his innate curiosity and search for information and answers inward. “I found that for me, the last great frontier that had yet to be explored was myself.” It was about this time that KC went back to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. “The program at USM was an incredible experience. At the most basic level, Spiritual Psychology is largely about developing a deeper understanding of who we are as individuals. And using that understanding to build stronger and deeper connections with others.” KC’s outlook is very similar to the approach we take at BlueSky. Getting to know the culture, people and personalities and developing a deeper connection helps us find the right fit for both clients and candidates alike.

Today, KC’s career is focused on writing and helping others achieve their personal and professional best as a success coach. His role as a coach is a natural extension of his background and experience and his search for a deeper meaning. “I’m a big believer in identifying the ‘root cause.’ By that I mean that most people have some deeply internalized belief about themselves that can work as an obstacle and prevent them from achieving their goals.” His role as a coach, as he describes it, is about helping others find that root cause and come to terms with it. And perhaps more importantly, to develop new, more productive beliefs about their ability to achieve success and happiness. “It’s a delicate balance. My experience as an entrepreneur taught me the value of being direct and prescriptive when guiding a company to a successful outcome. As a coach, I’ve found successful outcomes are reached when my clients are able to navigate things at their own pace. My role is to help guide them through that journey of self-discovery.”

When asked about basic advice for anyone just starting out KC has this to say “Everyone is different. So there is no ‘formula’ for achieving your goals. But there are some common building blocks—Awareness. Intention. And action. At a basic level, we need to become aware of who we are and what we are trying to achieve. Then we need to develop an intent to work toward those goals. And finally, we need to take action. Small steps towards those goals everyday can have powerful results.”

Thanks again, KC, for your sharing your thoughts with BlueSky and our readers. We look forward to more great insights and inspiration from you as we head into the second half of 2014.

To learn more about KC’s work as an author and success coach, visit his website at www.kchildreth.com. You can also find a wealth of inspiring content in his blog and a collection of free resources and downloads that can help you get started on your own personal journey.