Today’s working professional leads a life that is constantly in motion. Meetings, business travel, deadlines and deliverables fill in the empty spaces on your daily calendar with relentless efficiency. The pressure to perform and the demands of the day often lead to skipped meals, poor nutrition and unhealthy eating habits.

There is a not-so-subtle irony in play here. In order to perform your best, to be alert and mentally sharp, your body needs fuel. Without that fuel, you are simply not capable of realizing your potential. So do yourself a favor by making healthy eating habits a priority. Here are few simple tips to keep your mind and body operating at peak performance while on the go.

  1. Be Prepared: whether it’s a business travel day filled with planes, trains and automobiles or a marathon session of back-to-back meetings, be prepared. Think about when, where and how you will get the fuel and nutrition you need to deal with whatever the day decides to throw at you. This is especially true if you find yourself camping out in an airport or glued to a seat on a long flight. Take a few minutes to make a plan.
  2. Bring Snacks: part of that planning should involve bringing along some healthy snacks. Nuts, fruit and nutrition bars are easy to stash in a bag or briefcase and can fill in the blanks when you run out of eating options or a get sudden need for fuel. Having these healthy options available means you are less likely to turn to fast-food, chips or candy to tide you over.
  3. Eat Breakfast: yes, mom used to tell you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. And you know what? She was right! Studies show that eating breakfast can have a dramatic impact on your energy level throughout the day. So be sure to fuel up in the morning to get your day off to an optimal start.
  4. Make Smart Choices: drinks, like orange juice, have some nutritional value but they are mostly empty calories and worse, they won’t fill you up. Eat an orange instead to stay fueled. Make a conscious decision to eat only when you are hungry. When traveling try to eat as you would at home. Do you normally have drinks, appetizers, two courses and dessert at home? Probably not. So don’t feel obligated to do that at a client dinner either.
  5. Get Your Fiber: stress and anxiety are heightened when you travel or face a hectic day and this can lead to irregularities that keep you from performing and feeling your best. So be sure to keep your fiber intake up. You’ll be glad you did.