This morning I am reminded of a survey that was conducted a few years back where hospice patients (those in their last weeks of life) were asked ‘what is important to you?’

Two answers dominated the responses: Physical touch and ‘being understood’.

This is very telling to me, and speaks to the human need for acknowledgement and ‘being seen’. We all want to be held, hugged, seen, understood and cared for. We crave connection and the love that this connection brings. It is as simple as that.

We may think money, sex, power and material possessions are important, but when we face our last hours on earth we learn that everything boils down to the simplest of human feelings: A desire to love and be loved.

Here is an interesting practice. Look at every person you encounter today and picture it as their last day of life. How would you treat them? What would you say? If it were your last day on earth, how would you want to interact with others? If we can all treat each other with the kindness and understanding we would like to see in our last days of life, the world will certainly become a more loving place.

-KC Hildreth