Today my muse brought me a story from Osho about ‘being a disciple’. Essentially the point of the story is that every living thing we meet, and every experience we have, offers us the opportunity to learn. When we humble ourselves to the position of a ‘student of life’ we open our minds to higher possibilities.

Every form of life has a perspective. Each person, animal and, yes, plant has a way of experiencing the world. Each time we encounter another living form we are offered an opportunity to learn. In that moment we choose to either open ourselves to a new way of seeing, or to assume that we already know everything we need to know.

Growth depends on openness.

The same is true of our experiences. Every situation, no matter how pleasurable or painful, offers the opportunity for learning and grace. We choose in each situation whether to humbly accept our learnings…or to close our eyes and condemn what we don’t want to see.

Mastery depends on humility.

If we can awaken each morning in the position of ‘disciple’, then we open ourselves to infinite possibility. We become a student of the world, and in this take steps toward our own greatness.

Resolve to learn from everyone and everything. This is the key to your success, and the road to self-mastery!

-KC Hildreth