CaitlinFogartyCaitlin Fogarty is the newest BlueSky search team member and we are so excited to share how she came to be a part of our team. It’s a story often told, but a great reminder of the strength of continually building relationships, expanding your network, taking a risk, and exhibiting your strengths (even with someone who might not be interviewing you for a job). Caitlin began looking for a new opportunity when she wanted to relocate from the east coast where she’s originally from to what she had heard was the “best coast” (the verdict is not out yet). Not quite sure what exactly that change was, she browsed around LinkedIn for some potential search firms who might assist her. She came across BlueSky Professional Services Group because its president and owner, Jeffrey Stout, is a board member of the Ronald McDonald House Charities and Caitlin had been a regular volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore.

The common experience with Ronald McDonald House led Caitlin to reach out to Jeffrey via a LinkedIn message despite not expecting a response from a President and Owner of a company. Worth a shot and what do I have to lose? she thought. Caitlin was surprised to hear back from Jeff, “rather quickly,” but nevertheless delighted to begin dialogue with Jeff and various other BlueSky team members about her search for a new opportunity on the west coast.

Unknown to Caitlin, her message to Jeff wasn’t viewed as just a cold email inquiry. In fact, Jeff comments, “When I was initially contacted by Caitlin, I was immediately struck by her self confidence and her proactivity. After speaking to her I came to appreciate her intellect, and her outstanding interpersonal and leadership skills.” It didn’t take the BlueSky team members who met Caitlin long to realize they wanted her on their own team instead of finding her another team. Alex Sillman, a BlueSky Search Executive who works closely with Caitlin comments, “I hired her before actually meeting her because of her chutzpah” And Jeff adds to that by noting, “We always talk to our clients about hiring “great athletes” that can play multiple roles. Caitlin was exactly that and continues to demonstrate that every day.”

We’re excited to have Caitlin on the team and glad she reached out to Jeff with a message that she didn’t think would ever be responded to. She is currently leading our BlueSky efforts in developing a charitable giving program and a great addition to our BlueSky team. We hope everyone can learn a lesson about the power of building relationships and how unexpected and exciting results may come from making a personal connection from her story. It’s these connections that will enable you the opportunity to demonstrate strengths and qualities that will make any company want to hire you, even the one who wasn’t even looking.