The paper airplane in BlueSky’s logo isn’t just a pretty icon. In fact, it’s our way of communicating that a piece of paper, with dimension and direction can take flight. And like that paper airplane, a resume is a flat, one-dimensional tool that comes to life when you add your experience and expertise.

The problem with resumes? With the exception of posting them on professional networking and job search sites, they just haven’t changed all that much in decades. Something else that hasn’t changed? People want to hire people they like. People like to look at imagery more than they like to digest blocks of text. And people like to listen to stories. With that said, does the traditional, conservative resume layout convey your energy or sense of humor? Your personal passions and accomplishments? Your unique point of view? While the traditional resume layout isn’t going anywhere for now, you can still tell your story with unique web-based profiles such as, a free DIY platform that connects with your LinkedIn profile to get you started. From there, you can add everything from your photo to a complete employment timeline to logos of your college and employers. Plus, when you input data on your experience, the site automatically builds great-looking infographics. Use a profile platform such as to complement the traditional resume format and help employers see more than just a one-dimensional view of you. To see how a real profile comes to life, take a look at our own Jeff Stout’s page.