You may recall that our very own Search Consultant, Nik Healy, spends his free time coaching at the Trojan Water Polo Club in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Nik is a seasoned water polo player and has coached at the Trojan Water Polo Club ever since graduating from USC in 2005 where he won two national championships (2003 and 2005) with the Trojans. His brother Erik is the Club Director and another former USC water polo player.

In the past, we have shared about Nik’s experience with the Swedish National Team and just last summer, Nik and his brother chaperoned a team of 30 teenage boys on a trip to Montenegro, where the sport of water polo is well known and very popular. The boys underwent some tough training, both physically and mentally, and had the opportunity to experience a new culture.

Nik’s team has stayed busy this summer as well. It participated in numerous tournaments, including the prestigious Coastal California Section Qualifier, which the boys won earning them a competing place in the Junior Olympics.

Nik doesn’t say much about his coaching when we congratulate him on a job well done. He’s humble, but we see the gleam in his eye every time he tells us about his dedicated group of boys. “They’ve worked hard and shown incredible commitment for a group of middle schoolers with so much else on their minds,” he says. A bit of an understatement for a group of young boys who are currently ranked No. 1 in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties. And, not to mention their success at the Junior Olympics! “All their hard work culminated with taking the bronze medal at the Junior Olympics, a tournament with over 100 teams in the age group” Nik says, which we interpret as a pretty huge deal being that they are third on a national level and knowing they had to participate in a grueling four day tournament playing in two games per day! A big congratulations to Nik and his team!