BlueSky, among other IT executive search firms, knows all about tracking down the right person for the job when it comes to filling a high-ranking IT position. There are some common elements which are important, such as specific experience and education in the field, and also unique elements to each search that are specific to the business. Blending the typical ‘blueprint’ for an IT executive along with some specific traits that a company needs are what separates good IT executive search firms from the rest of the field.

Of course, you will have to play a big part of choosing the right IT executive for your open position. After all, it is your business at stake, and you know the business better than anyone on the outside ever could. If you are going to successfully take your business where you want to go, it is going to take the work of IT executive search firms along with your own input and gut-feeling that is going to select the perfect person for the job.

There are many myths out in the world regarding the hiring of IT executives. Some companies make the mistake of listening to these myths – even at the warning of their IT executive search firms – and end up making a hiring mistake because of it. Avoid falling into the trap of believing the myths below, and keep an open mind during your search.

Myth: They won’t stay long anyway, so long-term goals are irrelevant.

It is true that some IT executives are only looking at each position as a stepping stone to the next. However, that isn’t the case with all candidates that you will come across. Some would rather settle into a company and remain there for the long-run. IT executive search firms like BlueSky know this, and will work to find you candidates that want to stay put long-term, if that is something that is important to you. Make sure to speak with all candidates regarding their career goals, and find out how well they align with your overall goals as an organization.

Myth: They need specific experience in your industry.

This can be true, but not always. If your business is in a small niche in the market and there are very few competitors that do what you do, the chances of finding a well-qualified IT executive with specific experience in your field are not very good. Instead, using IT executive search firms, track down candidates that have a great resume and the right attitude to join your team. Chances are they will be able to learn the ins and outs of your business in short order if they are talented and passionate about building a career.

Myth: They won’t be part of the rest of the team.

Some people in the IT industry have a bad reputation for being distant from the rest of their human coworkers – spending more time paying attention to the computers than anything else. While IT executives need to be on top of the tech, they also need to be a key part of the management team and involved with the rest of the leadership. Good IT executive search firms know how to look for IT talent that will take pride in their role as a leader and team member.