Our thinking minds can get in the way of many things, one of which is resonance. Resonance is, simply, an internal vibration that gives us the feeling that something is connected to, or ‘right’ for, us. It is related to intuition in that it is ‘felt’ more than understood.

When you resonate with something or someone you connect to them or it. It may be a person who you find yourself liking to be around. Or a situation that feels right for you. Or a course of action that seems to be the proper choice. In any case, your body will tell you by ‘resonating’ or ‘feeling good about’ whatever is happening. I believe that this is an important signal to continue along the path in front of you.

Today, practice noticing what resonates for you. Let go of any thoughts and just feel the sensations in your body as different people and situations come in and out of your life. Follow what feels good, and let go of what does not. I think you will find that you when you do this you don’t have to worry so much about the future. You are wise at a level that transcends the mind…allow yourself to go with things that match your vibration!

-KC Hildreth