In life sometimes it is tempting to say ‘yeah but’ when presented with an opportunity. For instance, when we are presented with an exciting new job a small voice inside might say ‘yeah, but I don’t really have the skills’. Or when we have an opportunity to do something new with our lives, we might hear a whisper that says ‘yeah, but you don’t have the money’.

I call this ‘yeah but-ism’ because it is pernicious habit that colors our view of what is possible and what is not. When we say ‘yeah but’ to ourselves and others we immediately limit our frame of mind. We see nothing but obstacles, and ignore obvious opportunities.

Every obstacle is an opportunity to be creative! Notice when you want to restrict your perception of the world and choose to say ‘what if?’ instead of ‘yeah, but’. Everything in the world is possible if you choose to see it!

Take a look at the AMAZING man in this video. He has chosen to overcome the most difficult of obstacles to achieve his dreams. (** Video brought to you by my friends at Synergy TV)

-KC Hildreth