Our thoughts create the world we experience. Even more, our thoughts create who we become. If we can become aware of our thoughts we can see how they create our lives.

Are your thoughts about yourself positive and affirming, or are they negative and demeaning? Do you compliment yourself and notice your gifts, or do you criticize yourself and notice your failings? Are you inspiring yourself through excitement and possibility, or whipping yourself to perform through fear and self-condemnation?

Affirming, loving thoughts about yourself create and affirmed and loved countenance (way of being). Destructive, fearful thoughts create a pained and exhausted life. When people feel loved they perform at a high level over a long period of time…when people feel criticized they might perform briefly at a high level, but then become demoralized and exhausted from all the negativity.

Listen to the words you use to describe yourself and your world. Choose to see and acknowledge all that is GOOD about you. Notice your own BEAUTY. LOVE who you are. Not only will you live a more pleasant life, but you will also find that you have incredible POWER in the world!

-KC Hildreth