We take great pride in developing a deep understanding of the needs, culture and core values of each of our clients. This knowledge allows us to do two important things. First, it allows us to respond intelligently and effectively to what our clients need today. And second, it creates the kind of insight that allows us to stay one step ahead and anticipate what our clients are likely to need in the future. It would be great if I could say there was a bit of magic involved in this. Or some kind of “secret sauce.” That would make for a much better story. But the fact is that the basic tools for creating that insight are decidedly ordinary. We listen. We observe. And, most importantly, we respond. Simple tools that can create a powerful solution.

On the looking and listening front, we have identified several key trends. They represent a collection of needs that are commonly found at a wide range of successful, thriving companies. Those companies range from big, global corporations to small, up-and-coming boutique businesses. No matter the size, industry or growth trajectory the company is on, these needs remained consistent across the board:

Senior Leadership Talent Development: There is often an assumption that once an individual reaches a certain point in their career the benefit of having a guide, mentor or coach diminishes. In practice, we have found the opposite to be true. Senior leaders at successful companies today face a dizzying array of challenges that involve situations that may represent unfamiliar ground for them. Input, guidance and mentoring from someone who has “been there, done that” is an invaluable service and it is a growing need at many companies.
Spot Expertise On-Demand: The dynamic nature of today’s marketplace means that frequently our clients face mission-critical challenges that require deep, focused knowledge and expertise. To complicate matters, meeting these challenge successfully often requires a quick response. This leaves little time and space for a traditional recruiting approach. The need for senior-level, on-demand expertise is becoming a common theme at companies large and small.
Try Before You Buy: Qualifications and experience are only part of the story in terms of ensuring that senior executives and board members become a successful part of your company’s team. Culture, core values, perspective and work ethic are equally important to the success equation but represent things that typically don’t come into play until after a hire is made. We have seen a growing awareness for this amongst our clients and a strong desire to bring in leaders, senior executives and board members on a trial basis before committing to a permanent hire. This try before you buy approach is gaining significant traction and it makes good business sense.
Now on to the fun part, our response. We are proud and excited to announce the launch of a new practice at BlueSky. Led by Stefan Kampe, our newly created Senior Executive & Board Services Practice will focus on helping our clients’ leadership teams thrive. Prior to joining BlueSky, Stefan spent 25 years working as a partner in the Communications & High Technology practice at Accenture. His successful career has also involved significant experience with Advisory and Corporate boards as well as extensive experience with philanthropic boards. We are proud to welcome Stefan as an integral part of the BlueSky team!


Our Senior Executive & Board Services Practice will deliver an offering that can help any company hone its leadership team, however, we feel we have created an unprecedented opportunity for those companies who operate at the intersection of business and technology. Why? Because BlueSky can offer its clients unique access to a dream team of top executives, each with a proven track record leading large scale business transformation leveraging technology. Our ability to connect you with world-class business, technology and transformational leadership talent—seasoned executives who have “been there, done that”—is what truly adds a unique differentiator to our new offering. Our comprehensive set of services include the following:

Senior Executive Services:

Advisory Services: Provides deep, on-demand expertise in a wide variety of areas with a particular focus on the intersection of business and technology.  These services can be provided on a short-term, long-term or retainer basis and are designed to enable our clients to leverage outside, senior talent in a flexible, cost-effective way.
Executive Recruitment and Placement: Enables you to quickly fill senior executive and leadership roles.
Interim Executive Support: When you need the right person right now, we can help. Interim Executive Support can fill a temporary need or deliver a try before you buy solution that keeps your leadership team moving forward.
Leadership Coaching: Everyone has room to improve no matter what stage they are at in their career. We can provide the right coach or mentor to help you hone your senior executive talent.
Board Member Services:

Advisory Board Services: When your board is faced with challenges that require specialized knowledge you can depend on us to connect you with senior leaders who can provide advice, guidance and deep industry expertise.
Corporate and Advisory Board Recruiting: We focus on finding board members who have the knowledge, diversity, skill set and work ethic to get things done. We have significant depth of experience in the area of information technology.
Corporate Board Assessment and Strategic Development: We can provide senior talent that can be leveraged for specific or on-going tasks to keep your core board members focused on mission-critical tasks. Additionally, we can provide independent assessments and viewpoints on your current board’s skill mix and diversity while helping to facilitate board meetings and building better work within the board.
We know how powerful the simple acts of looking and listening can be. They aren’t magic, but in conjunction with an effective response, it can come pretty close. We encourage you to take a look at your own senior leadership teams to identify any untapped opportunities to achieve more. This is particularly true if you are facing challenges that involve business transformation and technology. We’ve got the talent, guidance and leadership to help see you through it so give Stefan and his team a call. They will be happy to create a customized solution designed to meet your needs and objectives.

  • We’ve got the talent, guidance and leadership to help see
  • you through it so give Stefan and his team a call.
  • They will be happy to create a customized
  • solution designed to meet your needs and objectives.