Last fall, BlueSky introduced an internship program designed to provide college students an opportunity to learn different roles, gain a basic understanding of HR departments, learn about different career paths within different organizations and industries, and become contributors to our growing business.

BlueSky is focused on finding interns who are capable of interacting on a professional and personal basis, have effective research and analytical skills, and are accountable and trustworthy. In finding our interns, BlueSky screened potential college students and utilized the same approach in finding great candidates for our clients. Combining skillset and core values, we found interns who quickly assimilated to the BlueSky culture and core values and were ready to be put to work, contribute, learn, and grow.

Our interns are assigned a variety of roles and responsibilities, which have included research assignments on changing industry trends and skillsets, drafting job postings and other templates for communication, basic financial and operational assignments, and support for identifying potential candidates BlueSky team members might want to contact and screen. Interns are also given numerous opportunities to attend in person quarterly meetings with the broader team and develop mentoring relationships with their supervising Search Associates and Search Executives as well as our President and Owner, who meets with each intern personally to welcome them to the team.

BlueSky’s internship program, though still quite new, continues to evolve. We currently have five interns, two of which just recently joined the team, and two of which are seniors who will be graduating and saying farewell to BlueSky.

Meet our current interns and stay tuned for spotlights on our new interns as well.
From Left: Raymond Delacruz, Jeffrey Stout, Sina Sinai, and Bao Phan.

Bao Phan is a current junior at UCSD who joined the BlueSky team as an intern in October of 2013. Bao said the best part about being an intern at BlueSky was the flexibility and knowledge of getting to know what companies look for in their ideal candidates.

Sina Sinai is a current senior at UCLA who joined the BlueSky team as an intern in September of 2013. Sina will head to BlackRock after graduating and traveling the Mediterranean the summer. Sina’s favorite part about BlueSky was, “The exposure to consulting/financial services industries, the flexibility of the schedule, great firm atmosphere, and people to work with.”

Raymond Delacruz is a current senior at UC Irvine who also joined the BlueSky team as an intern in September of 2013. Raymond will head to Deloitte Consulting after graduating and traveling to Europe, Cambodia, and Thailand. Raymond said the best part about being an intern at BlueSky was the team that he got to work with and learn from everyday.

We are excited as BlueSky continues to grow and expand its internship program and offer our first ever interns, Raymond and Sina, a sincere congratulations as they graduate this June and are proud to welcome them to the BlueSky alumni group.