When you think about the things that hold you back, ask yourself “where did that story come from?”  When you become aware of the reasons you choose not to do things, the reasons that cause you to feel fear about the future, you begin to see that they are merely stories created a long time ago in an attempt to protect you.  The confusing part for most of us comes when we assume that these stories represent reality.  They do not.  They are simply notions that are only as real as we decide to make them.

Think about your stories.  Are some of them ‘victim notions’ that declare everyone else is the reason for your choices?  Or are they ‘limiting stories’ that paint you as small and unable to affect anything?  If you sense negativity in your stories, choose the opposite.  Make your reality one of possibility and joy and excitement.  Remember that your thoughts and stories become your reality!  You can choose to be whatever you want!

-KC Hildreth