When we are seeking to create or express in the world we sometimes can fall into the trap of ‘externalizing’ our power. We look to others for affirmation, see events as happening ‘to’ us, and generally see any progress as either luck or the lack thereof.

Nothing outside of you can create your world. YOU are the source of everything you experience. There is tremendous energy in your being…if you want to create something you merely need to intend it with strength and determination. Nothing outside of you can ‘give’ you what you want…it is your responsibility to create what you wish to experience.

This truth is incredibly powerful, but can also be very scary. To see ourselves as responsible for creating our lives means we must step into a power that, for many of us, we have doubted for a very long time. Yet is it nonetheless a truth.

You are so much more powerful than you realize! Resolve to experience your potential! If you take small, consistent steps in support of your own desires you will not only experience your power, but you will also see that any fear you have about your ability are unfounded.

-KC Hildreth