Have you ever looked back on your life and regretted or been surprised by some of the things you have done? Have you wondered to yourself how different you are today, how you have matured and grown?

This is the nature of your ‘evolving consciousness’. As we age we become more and more aware of ourselves, our role in the world, and the connection between all things. We see that our actions matter. We see that love is important, that anger wounds, and that, in the end, we are responsible for everything we feel and do.

Rightfully, you may call this ‘maturity’. People of advanced age are extraordinarily valuable precisely because they have evolved over a lifetime…they have matured to such an extent that they can see the profound beauty that lies behind all of life. They also can clearly see the damage caused when they or others deny life through hate and judgment.

Aging asks us to forgive and let go. Aging also inspires us to take more time with children, linger a moment longer at the sunset, listen to more inspiring music. As we age we see that life is precious and fleeting, and that each moment demands attention.

This maturation process is ongoing and is an inherent part of the evolution of all things. As we age we learn, grow and see more clearly…this happens naturally and without effort.

Yet I believe that we can also choose to age in our consciousness, and thereby choose to grow at a faster rate than might otherwise happen. If you choose to see yourself and the world more clearly and intend to grow in your consciousness you will accelerate your maturation. You will become wise while your body is still young.

Choose today to accelerate your own evolution! Age your consciousness. Become old in your wisdom. As you do, you will find yourself living increasingly in peace, harmony and creative freedom.

-KC Hildreth