One of the most insidious feelings we can have is that of doubt. Doubt is the opposite of faith, and when we feel it we immediately lose energy. When we doubt ourselves we become smaller, when we doubt the world we stop trying, when we doubt love we feel empty inside.

Letting go of doubt means moving to a place of faith. Faith does not mean we don’t question things or use our minds to figure out the best way forward…we simply have a feeling inside that no matter what things are going to be OK, and that we are, at a fundamental level, worthy as human beings.

Doubt comes from hurt. We are hurt or disappointed, usually as children, and so project our hurt forward in hopes of avoiding it in the future. But it never works because we cannot avoid our own feelings. All we can do is feel our feelings and develop the faith that, in the end, everything will turn out OK.

Take a deep breath and let go of doubt. Move to a place of faith about yourself and the world. It is certainly a more pleasant way to live!

-KC Hildreth