One of the fastest ways to improve yourself is to practice self-interest. By this I don’t mean become selfish or discount the external world, I just mean to literally ‘take an interest in yourself’. Think about how you do things, why you do things, and what the feelings inside of you are trying to say.

Why do you have certain habits? Where did they come from? What words do you use often? Are they positive or negative words? Notice the tone you take when speaking. Who do you ‘hang out’ with? What do ‘your people’ talk about? How does your family interact? What do you think about most of the time? What emotions are strong inside you? What emotions seem to be most prevalent? What interests you?

There are literally hundreds of questions you can ask about yourself. When you have curiosity about yourself you become aware of things that may be holding you back…or inspiring you forward. This awareness is the beginning of growth.
So become self-interested! Ask others how they see you! Do this and notice how you immediately begin to grow!

-KC Hildreth