We live and work in a world that is increasingly driven by technology. AR, VR, SaaS and NLP are just a few of the technical acronyms that are driving discussions in boardrooms around the globe. Today, nearly every company is reliant on technology in some way. From the enterprise tech giants that dominate the Fortune 100 to the family-owned and operated market down the street, technology has an amazing capacity to rapidly and radically reshape the business landscape.

“We understand the impact of technology at BlueSky. Like the clients we work with, it’s a mission-critical part of our business and an area in which we excel.” said Jeff Stout, BlueSky President. “But our website wasn’t bringing that part of our story to life in a compelling way.”

At BlueSky, we have a passion for technology and a strong belief in its transformative powers, however, we recognize that technology is only part of the success equation. Technology alone can’t navigate a challenging interim hire. Or build a compelling corporate culture that attracts top-tier talent. It can’t call on its powers of intuition to look beyond a resume and see a candidate’s true potential. Nor can it make a new hire feel like a welcome addition to your team. The reality is that unlocking technology’s true potential requires a key ingredient—the human element.

This place where technology and people meet is the intersection we call home at BlueSky. It’s a familiar place because it draws on the deep, hands-on experience our team brings to every Professional Search and Business and Technology Consulting engagement. We’re more than just recruiters and consultants. We’re strategists, constantly looking for ways to create a competitive advantage for our clients.  We’re business executives who understand how to manage change and achieve your organizational objectives. And perhaps most importantly, we’re true partners who take every opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to building long-term relationships.

When asked about the timing of the BlueSky website redesign, Stout said “It was time for a change in the way we communicate our value proposition to clients. Technology, and the deep tech experience our team brings to every engagement, has always been a core part of BlueSky’s DNA. But it didn’t feel like we were communicating that unique benefit as effectively as we could. It’s such a critical part of our client’s success stories and we felt it needed to play an equal role in our own story. So, we streamlined the site and simplified the core service offerings. And updated the site’s content to ensure that our deep tech expertise and hands-on experience were core parts of our story and a clear indication of how we can help our clients convert their technical challenges into competitive advantages.”

Stout summed it up nicely, “We take pride in being easy to work with. In delivering solutions that are simple, powerful, and insightful. And we now have a website that reflects those core values.”

On behalf of the BlueSky team, we invite you to stop by and check out the new BlueSkyPSG.com. It’s everything you would expect from us and more.